Friday, June 12, 2009

Antique Love and Retro Invitations

Look at this amazing table center design! Wowzers. I love the book vase, follow the link to my lovely sister blog at {Once Wed} and you can read how it was created. Wouldn't this look lovely on vintage inspired tabletops in the dreamy log cabin?

Found via {Once Wed} and created by {Flush Designs}

Imagine those with soft candles lit around, twinkle lights wrapped around the logs and strewn across the ceiling... now how to make that happen I have no idea.

After talking last night and going over the guest list (which quickly rose to over 150!), my guy and I are leaning towards the "Dreamy Log Cabin" as I'm starting to term it. It's really a freaking amazing building, we'd get the whole place to ourselves without some overpowering event organizer/owner, we could make it into what we'd want and use the property for our wedding if we found a doable location. It has a great wrap around porch that we could light up for guests to enjoy, a great balcony, a place to get ready in... it's really going to be perfect I think. Except I need help. So I'm pulling my lovely Aunt aboard who's an interior designer and hopefully we'll be able to collaborate and come up with some ideas to make it work. Now I need to contact a Caterer and see if they'd bring tables/chairs.

Things may be falling into place!

As our date is coming up fast, August 29, 2009, we need to get invites out ASAP. I came across this design, and I am in LOVE. Evan was wanting to write out a little story and send to the people that wouldn't be able to make it, and this would be perfect! We could rewrite it, find a local printer, and get it done fast! That may be our Friday night love project tonight.

Take a look:

via {Mother Board} and designed by {Kayrock}

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Great Invitation and even greater story!

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