Friday, September 11, 2009

Evan and Cori's Wedding Part 1: The little things

I've been unashamedly stalking my photographers blog since her last post. Today when I hit refresh for the 7th time, there was a glorious sight waiting for me. Cori and Evan's Reception. Oh yes. After months of reading through bridal blogs and wedding photography sites, there were my pictures. Our wedding pictures.

I've never been the super stressed out kind of bride. Throughout the planning process I definitely had a few of the expected breakdowns that planning a wedding can bring on, but I wasn't worried about all the little details and the what ifs that could go wrong. That may explain why when the day came I woke up to an empty hotel room after sleeping in until 11am, with four girls spilling in through the door, opening curtains, shoving an iced latte in my hands before spinning me around and plopping me into the shower. With the help and company of friends, cousins, sisters, mothers, and grandmothers, I was cleaned up, massaged, hair and makeup done, and had two hand tied bouquets all painstakingly done by the loving women I was so blessed to have with me.

As I had blogged about earlier, I had still been debating the week prior to the wedding if I was going to have my hair and makeup professionally done. Then I realized, why would I pay someone $150 to do my makeup when I can pay almost the same and keep everything I used? And, why should I pay someone the same amount to do my hair when I have women who I know would love to do it? I didn't need to be perfect, and I trusted the girls. I chose to trust the girls. I honestly had more joy and satisfaction out of that than having a professional work the same magic so I would "have the security" it would turn out good. There was no comparison.

That time spent in the hotel room was irreplaceable. The fact that I was carrying a bouquet made by people who knew me well enough to put birds and feathers in it, was worth way more to me than spending money on a florist. Hair everyone went crazy over? Abby did it. The bolero and hair piece? My sister pointed me their way on one of our iChat sessions. My garter? My grandmother made it for me out of my mother's veil she wore on her wedding day. My ring? Evan custom designed it for me with a local jeweler. The meaning behind the individual things meant more than anything. It was me, it was us, it was our community, love, support. That meant the world.

Remember the hairpiece, boutonneire, and shoes? They looked better than I imagined. Evan added some rad boots to his monochromatic suit and had me swooning for him all over again. Wedding colors? We didn't really have them, and we didn't need them. It was just old with the new, rustic, vintage, woodsy, natural. A little bit of everything.

It was just us.


A.Mountain.Bride said...

*dreamy heavy sigh*

simply. amazing.

!Tb0n3! said...

Wow, every single detail is simply perfect! Thanks for sharing Cori.

Sarah Neal said...

I see you found it! Cori... you were SO beautiful. Your friends and you put together a really amazing day. These photos have gone like wildfire through the web. From now on it'll be my "sample wedding" - although hopefully people understand that it only looks this good when there's actually beautiful things and beautiful relationships to capture! Thank you SO SO SO SO SO much for picking me! :)

Sarah Neal said...

P.S. They better open a floral business if they haven't already because I've had emailed pouring in asking who the floral vendor was. haha!

tabitha and jon said...

cori! these prof pics are amazing! i wish i had known about your blog before! how fun to have it all documented!

sara-grey said...

hi, i just stumbled on your blog via 'amountainbride' and I have to say wow, it looks like an absolutely beautiful wedding. I love that your photographer captured all of the amazing details.

tabitha and jon said...

p.s. it was SUPER fun hunting down the perfect elements to put in your bouquet! your sister definitely had the final veto, but we all pitched in on the adventure!

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Stunning and beautifully natural wedding.
Your dress is amazing, can you tell me where your bolero is from please? Getting married by a river in France in June and was wondering what to put over my dress - fab idea!

Anonymous said...

What is the name of your venue?

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