Tuesday, January 01, 2013

See It: Life of Pi

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Are you even considering not going? Just go, trust me. You'd be crazy to miss the experience of seeing this story and the beyond incredible imagery on a big screen. My favorite movie of 2012 hands down.

Sending out a happy new years day to all of you from Phoenix! Looking forward to 2013, creating a new life in a place we love, and making the most of everything we've got.


ruthy ann said...

we watched it in 3d...it was amazing!

Tiffany Bolton said...

Welcome to Phoenix! I am so excited to see my city from your eyes! Life of Pi: we saw it in 3D too! Such a moving story with great visuals. My husband and I still debate it! I was just a bit scarred by the zebra in the boat scene. SHUDDER. Happy new year!

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

My fave movie of the year as well! Wasn't it breathtakingly beautiful? I totally choked up at the end :) xo

jes [a mountain bride] said...

you guys moved to PHOENIX!? I'm so shocked I missed this news!?

We are moving to Arizona in a few short months - does this mean I get to hire YOU to take all of our family photographs from now on??

Cori Jessy said...

Oops! I guess I forgot to clarify. We're visiting Phoenix since my parents just moved here, but we're moving up to Portland. I wish Jes!!!!

Also, I saw the movie in 3D too. SO GOOD. The zebra scene was the worse. But god, the whole damn thing was so ridiculously beautiful I wanted to watch it again right after we were done. And cry.

nmbdesigner said...

I actually just saw this movie last night. Such beautifully imagery. The colors and crispness of detail was out of this world.

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