Monday, December 12, 2011

The Goodwin Project

I stumbled across The Goodwin Project through Elizabeth's blog The Littlest (who is partner to the The Flashdance). After living on the constant ebb and flow of the ocean in a lifestyle of simplicity and adventure, I'm always excited to see when people are chasing a similar quality of life. When I first started watching this I was in love with the filming style, editing, music, and words. Then I got jealous of the amazing adventure they're having, and then I became inspired that we have the ability to create whatever story we want to for our own family. It's something you just have to make happen, otherwise it'll slip away in complacency. 

They're traveling the world and documenting their story. Follow them by visiting their website here, and make sure to watch the below in HD. Mind blowing.

My children will have no youth spent experiencing a modern society through technology, instead they will explore the world around them through touch, smell, sight, taste, sound, and appreciation for the beauty it holds and the stories of the people that inhabit it.

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