Monday, February 13, 2012

Worth a Listen || Tuck the Darkness In

"North Carolina based Bowerbirds had a lot of life experience to pour into their forthcoming album The Clearing, and a lot of it wasn’t pretty. Band members Phil Moore (vocals, guitar) and Beth Tacular (accordion, vocals) suffered a rift in their romantic relationship, which subsequently resulted in a yearlong dissolution of the band. During that time, they experienced the trials of illness and loneliness before finally reuniting both personally and creatively.

In a six-minute documentary on the making of the album, produced by Creato Destructo, Beth and Phil chronicle the struggles that brought them back around to the musical process and how their experiences shaped the tone of the EP. Of the process, Beth says, 'We wanted to make the album as beautiful as we can and have it contain all of the darkness that we have in our minds on a daily basis...and have it sort of contain that but also have it contain all the amazingness and beauty and wonder that we have and try to make the wonder win.' "

They seriously make some magical tunes, plus they're building their own cabin in the North Carolina woods. We should really know these people. (Also, Dylan- I saw you at 5:52. You know secrets dont make friends.

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