Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bear in a Grocery Store

So... where I grew up there's an abundant amount of wildlife. No lack of it, at all. We were a little town with less than 40 miles of road put into the Alaskan wilderness, so it was a pretty common interaction. But I never thought I'd see this happen. This video was posted on Facebook a few days ago by my grade school teacher, and I was just able to find it on youtube. A little bear cub walked in to one of Ketchikan's grocery stores and headed straight for the produce, and the poor thing is tiny. Really small for this time of year, but at least he knows where to get the good stuff. They put him outside and let him go, so here's to hoping momma bear found him and they're traipsing through the woods and getting into peoples garbage as we speak!

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jackie said...

oh my goodness, how cute! i hope he's all safe now!

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